Courses Offered by Programs

Business Administration – options: Marketing/Transportation Economics/Logistics and Procurement and Logistics/Human Resource Management 2.Accounting and Finance 3.Banking and Finance 4.Insurance 5.Social Work 6.Hotel Management 7.Tourism Management 8.Nutrition & Dialectics 9.Agricultural Sciences 10. Public Health 11.Computer Science

1.Educational Administration and Management 2.Social Studies – Option are: Government/History/Geography/Economics 3.Educational Guidance & Counselling 4.Business Administration 5.Measurement and Evaluation 6.Technical Studies 7.Physical Health Education 8.Community Development Studies – Options are: Agricultural Science/Home Sciences 9.Performing Arts 10.Practical Arts 11.Secretarial Studies 12.English 13.French 14.Religious Studies 15.Early Childhood Education

1. Mathematics

2. Physics

3. Chemistry

4. Biology

5. Agricultural Education

6. Home Sciences

1. Public Administration and Management 2. International Relations 3. Population Family Life Education 4..Peace and Conflict Studies
1.Building and Civil Engineering 2.Mechanical Engineering 3.Automobile Engineering 4.Electrical and Electronics Engineering 5.Diagnostic Laboratory Technology 6.Computer Engineering 7.Telecommunication Engineering